Kisdream Instant Warmer/Formula Maker

Baby Bottle Warmer, Instantly Dispenses Water Warmer at Perfect Temperature, 3 Mode, Large Capacity 24/7 Smart Thermostat


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This baby bottle warmer is the best gift for your baby in 2022.

[24h Smart Thermostat] The water in this formula dispenser will be kept at a constant temperature when it reaches the preset temperature. With this water warmer for baby formula, you can make formula at any time. No more worrying that you won't have time to prepare formula when your baby is hungry and crying.
[3 Temperatures Adjustable] The Instant Warmer has 3 temperatures to choose from: Room Temperature: 77°F, Body Temperature: 99°F, Warmer Temperature: 122°F. Select your desired water temperature at the touch of the button. The most recommended temperature is 99°F, showing yellow light.
[Large Capacity Water Container] Large capacity of 54 ounces, enough for babies under 1 year old to drink formula and water one day long. The baby formula maker is also suitable for families with twins or multiple babies. We recommend refreshing the water in this water warmer every 48 hours.
[Safety Food-grade Material] BPA/PVC/phthalate free. This bottle maker formula machine is made of food grade material, no odor and safe for baby feeding. The lid is sealed to prevent dust from falling in, with transparent food grade material water container, you can clearly see the water inside, which is clean and hygienic.
[Easy to Use & Suitable for ALL Bottles] We choose high-quality elastic distribution lever, has passed the 50,000 times press test, no leakage. Just press the dispensing lever to get water at the right temperature. This instant baby bottle warmer will make you work less hard during the days of taking care of your baby. Good-looking and practical, suitable for all brands of baby bottles.

instant warmer

Details about Kisdream Formula Dispenser

Instant Warmer

instant warmer

instant warmer

3 Temperatures Adjustable

The Instant Warmer has 3 temperatures to choose from. Each temperature corresponds to a different color of light. Select your desired water temperature at the touch of the button.

High Quality Elastic Dispensing Lever

Stretch superior dispensing lever, so that every time you release the hand that presses, the water comes out immediately stops and no water drops leak down.

Large Capacity Water Container

The water container can hold up to 54 ounces of water, making it more suitable for twins and families with multiple babies. Please fill water between the lowest and highest water level lines.

instant warmer

Kisdream Formula Dispenser makes it easier to feed your baby

instant warmer


  • Product Name: Instant Warmer
  • Dimensions: 16.02 x 8.34 x 7.08 inches 2.83 pounds
  • Maximum Capacity: 54 ounces
  • Supply voltage: 120V-60Hz
  • Heater Power: 200W


  1. Heating impure water containing minerals or other impurities for a long time may form scale on the heating plate. This is normal. You can pour 5-10 ml of edible acetic acid or descaler and soak it for a few minutes to clean it.
  2. Never use abrasive pads or stainless steel sponges to clean the Instant Warmer parts.
  3. Always use water cooled to room temperature.
  4. Never fill water container with formula. Never pour boiling water into water container.
  5. Always keep water filled above MIN Line and below MAX Line. Otherwise, it may lead to dry boiling or too much water overflow, affecting the performance of the machine.
  6. Hand-Wash Only. Not Dishwasher-Safe. Using a dishwasher may damage the electronics inside.
  7. Base should be wiped with damp cloth only.


  • Do not immerse the Instant Warmer in water or other liquid. If it is accidentally immersed and water gets inside, wipe with a clean dry cloth and allow it to dry completely before next use.
  • Please do not disassemble the machine by non-professionals.

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